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Justin’s transition into ALAYLM on November 10th 2012

Justin performing a Boyfriend/As Long As You Love Me medley on the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night.

**Justin also picked up 4 awards, including Choice Male Artist and Choice Male Fashion Icon.

An extra song from Believe that you may not have heard! It’s called Just Like Them

Anonymous said: Just saying, Drake wasn't bashing Bieber. He was bashing Biebers fans. Which are incredibly known for being rude and unkind. Drake doesn't have a washed up career, he has a fanbase too. When the beliebers say things to him like "Go Die", they just prove to everyone what he was talking about.

Believe what you want, but his tweets say otherwise. “I’m actually a fan of Katy Perry..but Bieber on the otherhand”

'Drake Who'?

    Hello beliebers ;) I know I haven’t made a post in a while, but recently something, or should I say someone, has been brought to my attention..And his name is Drake Bell.

      Unless you live under a rock, you’re aware of who Drake Bell is..But if you do, I’ll enlighten you. Kinda cute, kinda talented, and slightly relevant between the years of 2000 and 2007 from roles on The Amanda Show and Drake and Josh. 

Recently he’s been causing a stir with Justin Bieber and his beliebers, via the social networking site we all know and love; Twitter. 

Tweets from Bell’s official twitter (x)

The surrounded tweet in red is what sparked the initial outrage from Bieber’s fans, after Bell was ‘hacked’ and sent out tweet bashing singer Katy Perry.

Although not previously addressed by JB or anyone in the Bieber camp, the reason these tweets are becoming relevant once again in the Bieberverse is because of a special message sent out from Justin, himself. Which were today, retweeted by Drake Bell.

I’m detecting a hidden meaning in those tweets, Justin….

But, my verdict is that Bell doesn’t actually ’hate’ good ole Justin. He is simply using Bieber’s  world wide relevance to reignite his washed up career, and the beliebers sending him hate is just what he needs to become known once again.

Justin Bieber sings ‘Let It Be’ with Carlos Santana on Dick Clarks Rockin New Years Eve.

A Year In Hair

As 2011 approaches an end, I’d like to do a quick timeline of Justin’s hairdo’s (and don’ts!) And it appears as though Mr. Bieber has a unique hairstyle for every month 

January: Tousled Biebs.

February: Classic Biebs. 

March: Blown Out Biebs.

April: Rugged Biebs. 

May: Wavy Biebs.

June: Trucker Biebs.

July: Punk Rock Biebs.

August: Choppy Biebs.

September: Intellectual Biebs.

October: Wilbur Robinson Biebs.

November: DJ Pauly D Biebs.

December (Late November) 2011: Gellin’ Biebs.

Will 2012 bring new hairdo’s for the Biebs? Personally, I’m hoping ‘Classic Biebs’ will make a return soon! No one does the hairflip like Justin.

** Personal favorites include: Classic Biebs, Wilbur Robinson Biebs, and Gellin’ Biebs.** 

Which monthly style of Justin’s is YOUR fave?

Justin Bieber: Most Searched Person of 2011

International sensation, Justin Bieber has just topped Kim Kardashian as the most searched person of 2011. Naturally, this comes as no surprise, as Justin does have the most watched video on YouTube, EVER, as well as the highest-grossing Concert Themed Documentary too. The new Christmas album, as well as the paternity law suit filed against him have probably boosted his searches on Google, but it was only a matter of time until Justin managed the crown, anyways. 2011 has been a big year for The Biebs, and he should enjoy it! He has just been nominated for a Grammy for the inspirational hit, “Born to Be Somebody.” Congrats Justin :) 

It’s here! Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey’s music video to the  collaboration of the Christmas hit, All I Want For Christmas Is you.

A Very Bieber Christmas (11/23)

Justin appeared on The View as well as The Today Show to put everyone in a very festive holiday mood. 

Click HERE to listen to Justin and Usher collaborate on ‘Chestnuts’ on the Today Show

Click HERE to listen to Justin and Mary J. Blige collaborate on ‘Mistletoe’ on The View

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